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Open Source DM: Nuxeo 5.3 on Mac OS X

November 12th, 2009 1 comment

As my former colleague and still friend @CherylMcKinnon is now working with Nuxeo, I thought I’d give their latest Document Management solution a try on my Mac.

Let say that I’m a newbie at this kind of exercise, as I’m not a Linux programmer, but I’m still able to follow some instructions…

Here is what I did on my old headless Power Mac G4 MDD running Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard):

  • I picked up the JBoss based package for Mac OS X, and copied the unzipped content in:


  • I made sure that Web Sharing was turned on in “System Preferences / Sharing”, although I don’t think this is required as this only start the built in Apache server on port 80…
  • Using the terminal, in navigated to:


  • Then ran the following command to start Nuxeo DM 5.3:

./jbossctl start

  • This didn’t work: the complain was that my JAVA_HOME environment variable wasn’t set. So, I did a little bit of googling, to find where ¬†and how this variable needed to be set, knowing that Java is also part of the Mac OS system, so nothing needed to be installed there. I therefore ran the following command which seems to work and is supposed to work for any version of Java or Mac OS X:

export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home

  • Then ran the start command again, which worked just well this time. I was able to log on my new Nuxeo DM 5.3 instance locally.
  • The last bit was to make it accessible from other computers on my home network. For this, as described in the readme.html file, I edited the “bind.conf” file found under the “bin” folder of my Nuxeo folder with the following unique line (note that I removed the # used to comment a line):


  • This last change (followed by a restart of Nuxeo DM 5.3) allowed me to reach my newly installed instance from anywhere on my home network with the following url, and start discovering the features of this open source document management solution:


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